Nico Rivers & Charlie Gargano recording live music in a bathroom at Grendle's in Harvard Square for the live music series, Tiny Bathroom.

Film & Video

I can cover all your audio needs for film & video - from editing and mixing dialogue to recording ADR & foley and even sculpting unique sound design elements to help immerse your viewers in the world of your film.

Audio Editing & Mixing

Editing includes reducing unwanted background and room tones, cleaning up dialogue and sound fx and aligning music cues and sound fx.

The mixing process is really where the environment of your film will begin to take shape. We'll work together to mold the tone of your audio to match the style of your video, balance the level and tone of the dialogue and blend in any music and sfx.



Sound Design & Foley

Perhaps your film needs a little extra spice in the sound department. That's where sound design & foley come in. I have built an extensive library of sound design elements and foley sounds throughout my career that can help take your work to the next level. I also have plenty of gear to create a unique sonic environment specially crafted for your film.