Podcast Production

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Editing your podcast will be the first step in creating your aesthetic. The editing of a podcast will determine the pacing of the conversation and establish a general style and tone. Some casters like to record multiple takes and completely remove each breath, others like to keep things more natural sounding, some like music beds and sound fx, others prefer the pure joy of conversation.

I'll work with you to find the style that best suits your show.

When it comes to podcasts, it's my job to make you sound clear and professional. I love to work closely with my clients, honing in on their personal sound and the tone of their storytelling to create an engaging listener experience.

Mixing / Mastering

In my mixing process I use the latest technology and techniques to shape the sound of your podcast. With cutting-edge software from companies including Izotope and Accentize, I will help you reduce background and room noise, balance the dynamics and tone of each track and blend in any music beds and sound fx to work with the dialogue to bring your story to life.

Mastering is the final stage of production. Here we will adjust the level of your podcast to match industry standards, optimize digital streaming specifications, add metadata tags and wrap it all up in one stereo audio file ready for release.